About the Ferminians


Onur Erdemir is in his year of 2012-2013. This is his second year of Langham Creek high school. This year, as you can see, he is participating in the lunar science institute at Langham Creek high school. The reason for his involvement in the NASA lunar science institute is because of his urge to find and learn new things in science and space. This year he is a sophomore and some of his hobbies include soccer, swimming, guitar, Science Olympiad, and orchestra. If you haven’t noticed, his favorite subject by far would be science, but he is also interested in history and math. He wants to join the lunar science institute this year, so it will promote him a chance to get into the fields and studies of space.

Vicram Rajagopalan is a sophomore at Langham Creek High School. Outside of the Lunar Science Institute, he enjoys being in his school's Science Olympiad team and Computer Science club. He is also in the Boy Scouts. When he graduates, he intends to pursue a career in a scientific or engineering field

Dung Bui is a returning member of L.S.I. and a sophomore at Langham Creek high school. He likes computers, math, science, and especially physics. His plan is to get a degree in the field of technology-science. Besides High School Lunar Research, he is also in Science Olympiad. He likes to apply science and math to everyday life. His favorite thing to do is problem solving.

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